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Catholic books that inspire and entertain, for both children and adults.

Catholic Children's Books

Two Children's books in two formats each:
~Robin Hood the Just - a Catholic hero, Robin Hood, written in rhyme; beautiful color images. Available in hard binding and paper.

~ Articles at Mass - beautiful color photos of items used for the Catholic Mass. Available in board book or hard (case) binding.

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Catholic Memoir - Rose Colored Glasses

Rose Colored Glasses - a memoir. How to swallow pride without choking and other motherly tasks. Tells the story of one mother's struggles, raising her daughter with a rare vision condition called Achromatopsia.

Toxic - a novel of suspense without gratuitous sex or violence.

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Manuals for the Spiritual Exercises in Everyday Life

We also produce manuals for Ignatian Spiritual Exercises in Everyday Life (19th Annotation). For these, please visit http://spiritual-exercises.com.

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Books published by Etcetera Press LLC include:

  • Stations of the Cross for young Catholics
  • Articles at Mass - children's board book
  • Articles at Mass - children's hard bound picture book
  • Robin Hood the Just - Children's rhyming picture book
  • Rose Colored Glasses (previously titled My Blindy Girl) (memoir)
  • Toxic - a novel of suspense

Ignatian Materials include:

  • Taking the Exercises to the World - a manual for group meetings of the Spiritual Exercises 19th annotation
  • Supervision Method and Practice
  • Preparation Days Retreat booklets, including
    • Director Guide
    • Participant Workbook
    • Write Your Faith Autobiograph

To order any of these books, or read more about them, please visit www.spiritual-exercises.com

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  1. Karen Reply

    Hello! I am interested in purchasing bulk copies of Articles at Mass. Is it possible for me to place the order through Amazon and get the bulk price rate? Thanks.

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